Royal Polki Jewellery for Traditional Weddings

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Polki Jewellery in Hyderabad

Royal Polki Jewellery for Traditional Weddings

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Diamond Polki jewellery is a masterful work of art. It is loveliness personified. Not many know that Polki jewellery is created with unfinished natural diamonds. To be precise, Polki is essentially an uncut diamond that is mined from the earth naturally. The diamonds used to craft unique Polki jewellery ‘art’ pieces are also not enhanced in any way.

Mangatrai Neeraj’s bridal jewellery collections consist of several different styles like Temple, Kundan, Jadau… but Polki jewellery sets remain a staple and command the top spot in the bridal trousseau. All South Indian bridal jewellery designs are highly in demand to enhance the bridal look.

Since Polki is basically raw and relatively untouched diamonds, its demand is quite high, especially amongst prospective brides. Polki sets are also priced comparatively high.

What is Diamond Polki Jewellery?

Polki diamonds are one of the oldest forms of cut diamonds. They originated in India long before Western diamond cutting methods were introduced here. Polki diamonds thus, retain their original rough form and have an un-faceted, shiny surface.

Diamond Polki jewellery

Polkis are very much in use in traditional Indian jewellery designs, catering mainly to weddings. We at Mangatrai Neeraj are also incorporating this classic style into our regular wear polki jewellery sets jewellery pieces not focussed at brides

What Sets Polki Jewellery Sets Apart?

The diamonds are cut to follow the original rough stone so no two polka diamonds are alike. This lends a distinctiveness to the jewellery piece. This is the main reason, Polki jewellery are excellent heirloom jewellery that are passed on from one generation to another with pride.

Polki Jewellery Mangatrai Neeraj

Most women (and men) are also drawn to Polki diamonds because they are extremely flattering. The light they give off is much softer compared to the sparkle of modern diamond cuts which bestows you with a royal, understated charm.

The Polki Jewellery Collection at Mangatrai Neeraj

Our pieces blend a traditional Mogul jewel look with floral and geometric motifs. Aesthetically pleasing designs highlighting traditional floral and animal motifs are also very popular and form an important part of our Polki jewellery collection, as well.

Diamond Polki Jewellery

Rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are the most preferred choice of gems to accentuate our Polki designs.

How is Polki Jewellery Made?

Polki jewellery is made with a gold foil at the back that has been painted to place the diamonds in between. The uncut diamonds reflect light adding sparkle to your wedding look.

The craft that goes into making Polki jewellery is very intricate and requires immense focus and a seasoned hand. Depending on the intricacy of the piece, an individual Polki jewellery piece can take a couple of days to complete

What is the Cultural Significance of Polki Jewellery for the Indian Bride?

Polki jewellery is a fine amalgam of India’s rich heritage coupled with timelessness. It is also the oldest form of traditional jewellery and this is what makes it a valuable addition to your jewellery box.

Polki Jewellery Collection

Polki Jewellery can be worn for different occasions. Because of the glamour of Polki, our patrons like wearing it for occasions like weddings, parties, and events.

There is a piece of Polki jewellery popular in different regions of India. Like, Rajput brides prefer stiff Polki necklaces. South Indian brides prefer heavy Polki chokers layered with long haars, statement earrings such as jhumkas, on the other hand, are favourites with today’s young brides.

Polki is highly -sought bridal jewellery as it is elegantly crafted and tailor-made to enhance your bridal look. Our seasoned and highly-skilled designers and goldsmiths replicate this age-old Mughal craftsmanship painstakingly to give you the perfect jewel piece that you can pass on to your daughter with pride. Reach out to us to buy your very own, Polki jewellery piece now. 

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