Exclusive Polki Jewellery from MangatraiNeeraj

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Polki Jewellery by MangatraiNeeraj

Exclusive Polki Jewellery from MangatraiNeeraj

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If you love bold, charming and ornaments of grandeur, Polki Jewellery is the type of jewellery for YOU! 

Although the Mughals were the doorway for the entrance of Polki Jewellery in India, Polki has become an integral part of the Indian culture and heritage.

Polki Jewellery pieces are hand-crafted by seasoned craftsmen with utmost precision possessing raw uncut and unfinished diamonds.

The raw uncut diamonds bring a ravishing aesthetic to jewels like necklaces, earrings, maangtikas and bangles!

MangatraiNeeraj since its inception in 1905, has been a pioneer in rendering to the Indian market – elite and exclusive Polki Jewellery

If you are looking for flawless Polki jewellery, keep scrolling!

Polkies in a Set

Embedded with ruby beads, ruby stones and polkies, this beautifully designed set looks perfect with a pair of matching earrings and the right outfit. 

Polkies evoke a mesmerizing charm in the looker and bestow a soft look on the wearer.

Necklace and Earrings:

Polki Jewellery.. don’t be fooled by the simplicity in its name. 

Polki Jewellery is grand, magnificent and classy much the like striking and eye-catchy set consisting of emerald beads, tiny freshwater pearls and of course, the raw uncut diamonds!

Shine bright like a diamond by donning this flamboyant set. 

When worn a pink Kanjivaram Saree and a ring embedded with the pretty Columbian Emerald, this set will gracefully elevate your look! 

Check out this long haar by MangatraiNeeraj lodged with freshwater pearl bunches, emerald beads and polkies!

Add these gorgeous pieces to your jewellery collection to make you stand-out from the crowd!


Chokers aligned with traditional Polki stones give an idyllic result of noteworthy jewellery.

A delicately crafted modern choker encrusted with freshwater pearls, ruby beads, rubies and traditional Polkies with a pair of complementing earrings, are all you need to look like undeniably ravishing! 

Pair this divine Polki Jewellery set with a peach lehenga to bring out your eternal glow!

Look unapologetically divine in this graceful choker embellished with magenta rubies, ruby beads, freshwater pearls and Polkies. 

When worn with a light-pink embroidered Saree, this necklace will intuitively bring out the regal princess in you! 

If you want to add an irresistible appeal to your outfit, you can even pair the choker with a beautifully crafted ring consisting of a pearl with marquise diamonds and rubies surrounding it!

As you can see, the extravagant beauty of Polki Jewellery is certainly incomparable! 

To know more on the Polki Jewellery by MangatraiNeeraj, visit out stores today!

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