Taarmala Collection

Taarmala is a beautifully designed mala with combination of different Rubies, Emeralds, South Sea Pearls, Fresh Water Pearls interwoven with strands of 18k/22k quality of Gold ranging from single to multiple strands.

Pachi Jewellery Collection

Pachi Jewellery has its exquisite appeal that makes the wearer stand apart and gives an exclusive look. Our wide range of Pachi Jewellery includes Bangles, Ear Rings, Necklaces, Armlets, Trinkets and Head Gears that have already become wardrobe staples.

Diamond Jewellery Collection

Undying love for Diamonds infused the spirit of our skilled craftsmen to deliver spectacular one of a kind captivating Diamond Jewellery. The bespoke Diamond Jewellery is customized from an array of cut and un-cut Diamonds, Rubies and Emerald Stones that are also embellished with Pearls.

South Indian Jewellery Collection

The regal Temple Jewellery is the valuable part of South India’s cultural heritage. Our use of precious gemstones with KC Pearls, South Sea Pearls and Basara Pearls give lustre to the Necklaces & Chokers adding glory to the festive occasions with the most adorable Temple Jewellery.

Beads Jewellery Collection

Our handcrafted Beads Jewellery Collection is an eye catching splendour for the Royal look that can be customised as per the gem stones Emeralds, Rubies, Blue Sapphires, Tanzanite and Multi Sapphires well embedded and crafted into short as well as long Chains.

Men’s Jewellery Collection

Men too are increasingly choosing Jewellery that competes to their style and completes their look. At MangatraiNeeraj, you can discover the most epic range of Men’s Jewellery Collection with Necklaces, Bracelets, Chains, Rings and many more for a perfect adornment of Wedding attire and for any occasion for a gracious look.

Kundan Jewellery Collection

From the Grandeur of Mughal Era, Kundan Jewellery is a popular choice for brides who wish to look traditional and regal on their Wedding Day. Kundan Jewellery Collection at MangatraiNeeraj is an exceptionally elaborate layers of precious Metals, cut or un-cut Diamonds and Stones as intricate joint work.

Temple Jewellery Collection

Indian auspicious occasions can be highlighted by the elegantly crafted Temple Jewellery Collection. Our experienced Goldsmiths and Designers have replicated the original temple artwork into beautifully crafted Ear Rings, Bangles, Chains, Bracelets, Necklaces, Chokers, Rings and Toe Rings for Women who yearn to flaunt a completely astonishing look.

Nizami/Hyderabadi Jewellery Collection

Exquisite Nizami/Hyderabadi Jewellery Collection comprising of Chand Balis’, Rani Haar, Jhoomar, Jugni, Satlada and lot more varieties of vintage Hyderabadi Nizam Jewellery will make heads turn and a grand feast for eyes with the excellent craftsmanship of impeccably coordinated precious Gemstones. “Princess of the Day” is the mantra for the Nizami/Hyderabadi Jewellery Collection.

Bridal Jewellery Collection

An appealing Bridal Collection is the combination of elegant designs of different Jewellery. Our careful eye to blend the spiritual and cultural essence into each piece emphasizes the perfect harmony on the auspicious occasion for a bride bejewelled in the MangatraiNeerajs’ Bridal Jewellery Collection.