We are proud to be associated with the historical epic, Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy, starring Megastar Chiranjeevi and Nayantara, adorned in Mangatrai Neeraj Jewellery. Stylist and Costume Designer of the movie, Ms. Sushmita Konidela collaborated with Mangatrai Neeraj to produce timeless pieces for the lead characters of the movie.


    With extensive research on the jewellery of that era, the focus was to recreate exquisite pieces that would perfectly define each character according to their personality. The design team at Mangatrai Neeraj used Gold, Ruby Stones, Emerald Stones, Uncut Diamonds, Freshwater Pearls and Kundan jewellery, to bring alive the beauty of Temple jewellery.


    Now it’s all yours. Presenting, “Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy – Line of Jewellery” by Mangatrai Neeraj. Witness the breathtaking assortment of handcrafted jewellery inspired by the pieces worn in the film. The collection includes Kundan, Temple Jewellery, Kasumala in Gold and Nakshi work. Check out, they are now available for sale in our stores.

    Syeraa | MangatraiNeeraj


    itness the enlivening vibrance of this fascinating Kundan set diligently designed with Nakshi work. The Temple jewellery pattern, natural gemstones, rubies and the emerald pearl bandini emulate the primeval attribute of being eternal. This rare piece is an outcome of tireless efforts and persistent determination to resonate with the magnificence of the era.


    his masterpiece of long kundan set (bottu mala) is a personification of fine craftsmanship that reflects the core crux of royalty & imperial hues. Enriched with rubies, emerald stones and studded with uncut diamonds, it’s an ode and idyllic illustration of celestial bliss. Experience and rejoice the intricate composition and diligent arrangement.


    ade to embellish the radiance of subtlety, this long haram with gold taar, gemstones string, uncut diamonds, ruby stones and emerald stones is an embodiment of artistic excellence. The south sea pearls in the centre piece and the pendent with Kundan work adds an extra finesse to compliment the overall appeal.


    his long Kundan Haar or Mango Mala portrays the exquisite grace of bride’s elegance on the big day. Made with kundan work, uncut diamonds, emerald stones and dropping gold balls, it exemplifies the essence of sheer divinity and ingenious dexterity.


    or that majestic and regal charm, the long haram of this jugni set made with natural gemstones string, side pieces of gold, rubies, emerald stones & uncut diamonds act as a catalyst in churning out an imposing grandeur. The strings of emerald beads and fresh water pearls give that additional flare to stand out from the cluster.