How to Layer Your Bridal Jewellery like a Pro?

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How to Layer Your Bridal Jewellery like a Pro?

How to Layer Your Bridal Jewellery like a Pro?

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Wedding times are busy. We do know that. There is just so much you need to do- buying jewellery, fixing the venue, guest lists, menu, trousseau and much more. There is also the added pressure of looking the best you can on your D-day.

Coming to an important question- Are you the type of woman who would prefer to wear simple, stalwart jewellery pieces because it’s a tried-and -tested thing?  If you are, it may be time to do things a bit differently on your wedding day so that you don’t merge into a uniform column of brides – all looking the same in their heavy, bejewelled chokers and haars.

Layering your jewellery pieces is something that can make you stand out instantly and put a bit more personality into your bridal persona. This means matching, mixing and playing around with your bridal jewellery to create a look that is eclectic and yet strikingly ‘You’!

Here’s how you can get maximum mileage out of your treasure trove and up your game instantly by layering your neck jewellery pieces-

Layering Your Neck Pieces

You can layer the heavy and dainty neckpieces at the same time to add loads of zing and create movement. It doesn’t make astute style sense to only pick gold or diamond necklaces or a particular texture and design to keep your bridal look even and well-matched.

You can and must experiment, stacking a diamond-encrusted gold chain with a heavy choker, for example. This will naturally pull the eyes of your bridegroom to your slender waist

How to Style the Layered Look like a Pro?

It is very important to select the right pieces for the layered look.  You can wear 2 neckpieces together or even 3… we don’t recommend you to wear too many neckpieces at the same time. Why? Because the haars and malas need some space to breathe. If you wear them close together, the whole look looks clumsy and contrived.

These are 3 necklace styling combinations that you should keep in mind-

1.Mango Maala- Shorter Haar Combination

For acing this look, always wear the long haar you have, first. If you have a Mango maala, you should wear it first. This lovely piece of jewellery doesn’t go out of style and is reusable in a number of combinations.

Mangomala jewellery by Mangatrai Neeraj

So first wear your lovely Diamond and Rubies encrusted Mango maala. Adjust it around your neck. After this you can match a shorter haar to your Mango maala. The thing to keep in mind is that there is a bit of space in between these two neck pieces. This will let them enjoy the attention they deserve without looking clumpy.

2.Choker-Haar Combination

Wear the longer haar first and then add the choker. You will notice that there is a big gap between the two. You  must reduce this gap by reducing the length of the haar. Keep just the right amount of space between the two so that the beauty of your dress can shine through and enhance your overall look.

Mangatrai Neeraj Chocker haar

Reduce the distance between the two neck pieces but make sure that the space between the two is not too less. The space has to be optimized… adjust the lengths till it feels just right!

3.Choker- Haar- Mango Maala combination

Mangomala Choker har Mangatrai Neeraj

You can try this combination too. Just remember to start by sliding on the longest haar first. Hence, wear the Mango maala first, then the haar and the choker last. Adjust the lengths of the 3 and you are good to go.

A Few Additional Tips

When styling necklaces, start with your smallest pendant on the shortest length of a neck piece. Wear the bigger necklace on the longest length. If you have a petite gold chain, layer it with a longer length chain and add on a heavy diamond choker to seal your bridal look. The idea is to pick a necklace that has a different length, style, and texture to your heavy choker, and pair the two up to create a new look.

Also, do remember to pick up neckpieces with different colours, gems, stones, and textures. A choker neck piece can be paired with a pendant chain, for example, or a number of chains can be used to create a theme around your neck. You can wear gold chains of the same colour but different lengths too, and then go ahead and pair them with a pendant necklace to finish the look.

Try different combinations, mix it up as much as you like, playing with different colours and textures to get the final look that you want.

Watch how to style Layered Bridal Jewellery

How to style Layered Bridal Jewellery like a pro

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