Make A Splash on Your Wedding with Classic Temple Jewellery

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Make A Splash on Your Wedding with Classic Temple Jewellery

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Real beauty lies in being true to yourself, jewellery does the rest. This is what we do as jewellers- help you choose outstanding, most suited jewellery pieces to enhance your look and help you express your inner Queen, especially on the most important day of your life.

Mangatrai Neeraj’s jewellery collections stretch across different genres. You can find Pachi, Diamond, Handcrafted beads- based, Kundan, South Indian and the most alluring classic Temple jewellery at Mangatrai Neeraj. Temple jewellery though remains the favourite and a mainstay in the bridal trousseau. 

Usually served against the backdrop of stunning Kanjeevaram sarees, the classic allure of Temple jewellery is enhanced by motifs like waves, birds, peacocks, gods and goddesses, and especially of goddess Laxmi sitting on a Lotus

What is Temple Jewellery?

Temple jewellery is a kind of traditional jewellery that is embossed with depictions of various gods and goddesses from the temple of South India. It is usually crafted using precious gold, gems, and stones like emeralds, rubies, Kundan, Polkis, and diamonds in their cut and uncut forms.


Mangatri Neeraj temple jewellery

Though this type of jewellery originated in the 9th century during the Cholas dynasty, it remains ever popular even today because of its standout loveliness and grace.

A regal Temple jewellery set is absolutely obligatory for the to-be bride to embody the most elevated kind of beauty even in this day and age.

The popular Nakshi jewellery collection is also a part of Temple jewellery. It too is very popular as antique temple jewellery set for marriage.

Different Occasions to Wear Temple Jewellery

Because of its religious embellishments and motifs, temple jewellery carries a great deal of religious sentiments. This is the reason, women like wearing it for occasions like weddings, ‘pujas’, births, etc. It is also worn by classical Bharatnatyam dancers a great deal of times, hence the moniker- Dance jewellery.

Mangatrai Neeraj jewellery

It would be stating the obvious when we say that Temple jewellery is the most sought wedding jewellery by our esteemed patrons. Temple Jewellery sets virtually fly off the deck.

The Temple Jewellery Collection at Mangatrai Neeraj

The mainstay of Temple jewellery at Mangatrai Neeraj is its design. It would not be wrong to say that Temple jewellery symbolises South India and is an invaluable part of South India’s cultural heritage.

Temple jewellery by mangatrai neeraj

This intricately designed jewellery resembles heavily ornamented pillars and rich sculpted walls of South Indian temples, especially Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu. We use precious gemstones in tandem with KC pearls, South Sea pearls and Basara pearls give lustre to our bespoke bridal jewellery collections. It is crafted in different designs like Lotus, Peacock, gods and goddesses etc.

The Process of Crafting Temple Jewellery

The long and arduous process starts with making moulds and dyes of motifs like temple tops, god idols, leaves, and birds, et. al. The gold is then rolled into flatter pieces, and then cut into strips and bent into the desired shape to make the mould.

More gold is used to fill in the mould, depending on the final design.

The piece is finished with a layer of polish to keep the lustre intact.

temple jewellery collection

The craft that goes into making temple jewellery is very intricate and requires immense focus and a delicate hand. Depending on the intricacy of the piece, an individual Temple jewellery piece could take anywhere between a couple of days or multiple months to create.


Our elegantly crafted Temple jewellery is tailor-made to enhance your festive look. Our seasoned and highly-skilled designers and goldsmiths have replicated the original temple artwork into beautifully crafted necklaces, ear rings, bangles, bracelets, ‘Malas’, Chokers, finger rings and toe rings for you, the woman with an old soul and a modern disposition.

A Temple jewellery design is available as a part of a small nose ring to the most intricate and chunky choker and waistband. The speciality of this type of jewellery is that it is so intricately crafted that it will give you the perfect wedding vibes even when worn with a subtler saree or lehenga.

Temple jewellery designs also vary from heavy to light to suit varying sensibilities. Some of our Temple Jewellery pieces can be worn with Indo-western outfits as well as they carry a modern vibe.

Every piece of temple jewellery is a masterful piece of art. Reach out to us to buy your very own, unique Temple Jewellery piece now.

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