Mesmerizing South-Indian Jewellery Styles by MangatraiNeeraj

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Mesmerizing South-Indian Jewellery Styles by MangatraiNeeraj

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South Indian Jewellery due to its classy and charming nature is increasingly becoming a popular choice among millions of women across India. It emanates an alluring aura of excellence and antiquity, which is why it is a great choice for all outfits and occasions!

The designs in South India vary abundantly, giving you an all-encompassing range to choose from like the Nakshi Jewellery, Temple Jewellery, Nizami Jewellery and Pure Pearl Jewellery

MangatraiNeeraj for over a century has been the most desirable platforms for traditional and authentic South Indian Jewellery! 

To bring out the South Indian beauty in you, keep scrolling! 

Nakshi Jewellery:

Nakshi (meaning – carving) Jewellery entails detailed craftsmanship and precision. 

This stunning set of Choker and Haaram crafted in the authentic Nakshi design are embedded with uncut diamonds, rubies and emeralds along with freshwater pearls. 

Pair this necklace and choker set with matching earrings or with a set of jhumkas to go with a light-pink embroidered lehenga to look absolutely stunning!

If you are looking for a minimalistic look, go with this evergreen imperial necklace handcrafted with raw uncut diamonds, emeralds, rubies and bronze pearls. 

Pair the necklace with a dazzling pair of heavy earrings to glam-up your look!


Whether you want a Guttapusalu in the form of a necklace or a long haaram, MangatraiNeeraj has got you covered! 

Guttapusalu is a Telugu term with ‘Gutta’ meaning a shoal of fish while ‘Pulasu’ means beads

This beautifully designed Guttapusalu necklace with the exquisite Kundan work, diamonds, emeralds, rubies and pearl cups confers an astonishing appeal to any look! 

This is one of the most exquisite long haaram Guttapusalu implanted with pearl bunches, rubies, emeralds and raw uncut diamonds at MangatraiNeeraj. 

Moreover, this traditionally crafted Guttapulasu adds grandeur to the simplest outfits!

With a pair of matching Kundan earrings, this necklace will surely attract all eyes in the room!

Nizami Jewellery and Pure Pearl Jewellery:

Nizami Jewellery owes its origin to Hyderabad, the city of Pearls. Nizami Jewellery primarily consists of pearls, emeralds and uncut diamonds. 

This royal choker looks magnificent when paired with an embellished yellow-kurta and a sharara or a light green saree.  

Adorned with the elegant south-sea pearls, emerald beads and uncut-diamonds, this choker is set to light up any room!

You can even pair this extravagant choker with Jhoomer Earrings or emerald Jhumkas to up your style game.

Diamonds and pearls are a match made in heaven! 

Royal families such as the Nizams of Hyderabad often donned the astonishing medley of diamonds and pearls.

This necklace looks remarkable when worn with a deep-neck blouse and an embroidered red saree.

Pair it with a simple diamond and polki bracelet to look stunning!

Scroll down to see more options in the Nizami Jewellery and Pure Pearl Jewellery by MangatraiNeeraj.

If you are looking for layers (and layers) of pearls, MangatraiNeeraj offers an extensive range of that too! 

South Indian Jewellery designs are an excellent choice if you are seeking a traditional or contemporary look. 

Visit MangatraiNeeraj today to see how South Indian Jewellery complements varied outfits!

If you are a Bride looking for traditional and grand South Indian Jewellery designs, MangatraiNeeraj has an exclusive Bridal Jewellery too. 

To know more about the Bridal Collection, follow us on Instagram or like our Facebook Page!

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