Why Choose Hyderabad Pearls?

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why choose Hyderabad pearls

Why Choose Hyderabad Pearls?

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Hyderabad got the moniker- City of Pearls for a good reason! Since the time of the Nizams, Hyderabad has been a hub for high-class pearls, housing the largest number of pearl drilling centres in the world. And even today, the city actively excels in this unique craft.

The city draws tourists from the four corners of the world looking to buy the best pearls in the world. And their confidence in Hyderabad pearls is not misplaced, as  Hyderabad is the best city in the entire world to buy exquisite pearl jewellery.

Layered pearls haar

The Hyderabad Pearls Market: What to Expect

Global buyers can access three basic types of pearls in the city- the original, cultured, and semi-cultured.

The ‘original’ variety is priceless, especially the pink and black pearls. ‘Rice-pearls’, a tiny pearl variety in white is much prized for its metallic lustre, while “Basra”, a type of pearl unparalleled in colour and sheen, is one of the costliest variants available in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad pearls Mangatrai Neeraj

Hyderabadi pearl jewellery items are usually created using shiny white pearls along with precious gems like emeralds, rubies and sapphires, though Mangatrai Neeraj uses the priceless cultured pearls from Tahiti while creating one-of-the-kind Hyderabad pearl sets.

 The famed ‘kaarigars’ of Hyderabad use pearls, with gold, silver, and other precious stones to craft spell-binding pieces of jewellery like ‘Satlads’-  a seven- strand pearl set decked with precious stones, ‘Rassi’ – a pearl chain set in the form of a rope, ‘Chandbalis’ –  an earring, shaped like the moon, ‘Chatai’ – a mat-type chain, rings, and earrings, ‘Vaddanam’- a pearl-encrusted waist belt, bracelets, ‘Lacchas’, ‘Haath Phools’ for the wrist and fingers, chokers, and Kundan sets.

 Where to Buy Pearl Jewellery in Hyderabad?

Mangatrai Neeraj Jewellers are the front -runners in sourcing Hyderabad pearls jewellery. You can visit our stores or log-in virtually to select the best Hyderabad pearls necklaces and sets. This is all it takes to be able to buy the most exquisite, finely –crafted, bespoke pearl jewellery in the city. If you are a tourist, walking into our stores is the best way to the time you would otherwise spend on scouting the Hyderabad pearls market for what you want. 

hyderabad pearls jewellery

We specialize in genuine, bespoke pearl jewellery with cultured pearls sourced from Australia, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Japan, Philippines and Tahiti.

Every Mangatrai Neeraj pearl is diligently inspected, assorted and graded by our highly trained professionals. Thus, our pearl ‘Panchads’, Chokers, malas, and ‘Haars’ are of the highest quality.

Mangatrai Neeraj’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility has the latest equipment manned by seasoned craftsmen. We use the latest techniques and technology to craft absolutely stunning pieces of Hyderabad pearls sets customized to your needs. We can craft the finest, most intricate Hyderabad pearls jewellery from raw sketches and even photographs provided by you.

We serve you the best Pearl Rani Haars, Panchladas, Ad Sets, Finest strings with Baroque Pearls, Beads malas, Long malas, strings of South Sea Pearls; not to mention, the most exquisite Chandbalis crafted using precious pearls, gems, gold and diamonds.

You remain at the very core of our philosophy of Customer-First! Our reputation is built on versatile choices, designs, services and innovation. We bring premium pearl jewellery closer to you with each step we take.

Pearl, the ‘Queen of Jewels’, one of mother nature’s most dazzling creations, has for ages been an intrinsic part of the Hyderabadi culture, and we are the trailblazers powering innovations in Hyderabad pearl sets and Hyderabad pearl jewellery now and forever!


Reach us at https://www.mangatraineeraj.com/contact/


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