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Trending Bridal Jewellery Collection

Posted in : Bridal Jewellery Collection in Hyderabad from MangatraiNeeraj on by : Mangatrai

A Bride wants to look magnificent on her wedding day. She has probably dreamed about this day from her childhood and she wouldn’t compromise to be less than perfect that day. From her mom’s treasures to her unique wedding lehenga, each bit of apparel or ornament on her body is intended to enhance her magnificence. 

Jewellery especially holds extraordinary significance and has certain hugeness and conventions appended to it. The unpredictable structures on layers of Jewellery pieces are not just the workmanship of inconceivable skilled workers but at the same time are representative of a few otherworldly and social customs followed in various parts of the nation.

Bridal Jewellery Collection is a set of few things together to complete the glamorous look and these are:

MAANG TIKKA: The maang tikka essentially comprises of a small or big pendant hanging on the center of the forehead by a chain that is fixed in the hair. It represents the male and female union on a spiritual, physical and emotional level. The center parting of a woman’s hair where the maang tikka is placed is also the area where women are required to put vermillion or sindoor and hence the maang tikka’s significance increases.

NATH: Gaining vital significance in today’s world of fashion, nath also called the nose ring is an essential part of the bridal jewellery. Introduced by the Mughals, it is representative of marital blessedness. It is definitely one of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery for a bride. 

HAAR: Customisation of haar is completely based on the bride, she can pair it with a choker or with different lengths of haar or she can club them all together and wear if she wants it to be heavy, as it’s said its’ all on her. 

EARRINGS: The bridal look is always incomplete without the matching or contradicting earrings. The earrings can be matching to the haar or even the nath or maang tikka.

MangatraiNeeraj is a major go-to for bridal jewellery as their customization is perfect when it comes to any chunk of the bridal set and their designer suggestions keep up the bride’s wishes and the trend as well that makes it the apt choice for weddings with a varied choice of unique Bridal Jewellery Collection !

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