Virtual Shopping for Wedding Jewellery at Mangatrai Neeraj

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Virtual Shopping for Wedding Jewellery

Virtual Shopping for Wedding Jewellery at Mangatrai Neeraj

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It’s that time of the year again… wedding season is around the corner! You are filled with the loftiest expectations for a lovely wedding as a bride in waiting, but COVID has grounded you. Since you can’t go out for your bridal jewellery shopping, Mangatrai Neeraj is bringing Virtual Shopping to your doorstep.

What is Virtual Shopping?

Most of us have heard of Virtual weddings. The bride, groom and a few important close family members get together, preferably at a nice venue outdoors, and video stream the entire wedding ceremony to their friends.

This gives you a chance to attend the wedding while being physically distant.  A virtual wedding, therefore, is all about physical distancing but emotional closeness.

Similarly, virtual shopping for wedding jewellery enables you to connect emotionally with the wonderful jewellery pieces you are viewing, though you may be miles away or a few minutes away and unable to travel due to the fear of infection. 

This is the new mantra customized and followed due to COVID-19.

From DIY wedding décor to trousseau to menu, intimate weddings are being planned for the camera these days.

The focus though remains firmly on the shared bonhomie!


Virtual Shopping For Jewellery for Your Dream Wedding with Mangatrai Neeraj

Virtual shopping or shopping on a video call requires these couple of basic steps- Virtual shopping for jewellery is made eminently doable and fun by Mangatrai Neeraj using the steps outlined in detail here.

  1. You can send us a message on WhatsApp on the numbers provided to reach the sales teams of Mangatrai Neeraj. 
  2. Our in-store jewellery specialists will show you engagement rings and wedding jewellery on- demand via a Wattsapp video call. You and your family and friends can join in from wherever they are.
  3. Post the Whatsapp call, the jewellery is customized as per your request and specifications and delivered, ensuring a contact delivery in just 7 days. We deliver the highest standards of convenience and safe delivery.

What’s More ?

  1. Courier & Freight Charges will be absorbed by MangatraiNeeraj  for all door deliveries across the USA.
  2. Mangatrai Neeraj will bear 6% Customs duty so that buyers don’t have to bear this cost.
  3. All the jewellery pieces being delivered will be insured- till doorstep for customers in the USA.

We have a large variety of stunning wedding jewellery in a large number of styles. Choose at your leisure from a wide selection of Kasumala, chokers, Satladas and Guttapusalu jewellery fashioned with pure gold, Kundan, Polkis, emeralds, rubies and pearls. Our staff is attentive to your smallest wish and are patient and polite always!

You can also choose to visit our store post the Whatsapp call without any fear or worry as we are following the most stringent COVID protocols to keep all our customers safe, including the use of PPEs, double masking , social distancing and stringent disinfection of jewellery pieces using UV rays.

Contact us at if you have any queries about virtual shopping for wedding jewellery.

We are here for you, always!



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