Top 4 jewellery gifting ideas this Valentine’s Day from MangatraiNeeraj

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Top 4 jewellery gifting ideas this Valentine's Day

Top 4 jewellery gifting ideas this Valentine’s Day from MangatraiNeeraj

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Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and you may already be busy scouting for that perfect gift option, which will make our loved one feel cherished and special.

 It’s the small things that go a long way for showing love. The hugs, hot cups of tea in bed, and the heart-felt greeting cards… These do convince her that she is indeed the love of your life.  But still, there is nothing as effective as a carefully selected piece of jewellery to make a woman feel loved.

You could celebrate your love this Valentine’s day by gifting small yet charming and intimate jewellery pieces to your partner. Here are a few things that you could definitely include in your Valentine’s Day bucket list to elate her.

Bejewelled Rings

Rings have a deep connection with expression of love. On the Day of Love, you could choose a ring in the shape of a heart made from classic gold and embellished with precious stones including diamonds. Diamond rings are supposed to be the ultimate symbol of love. You could choose a small ring, a flashy classic diamond ring, or opt for a contemporary diamond ring to create an unforgettable Valentine’s day for you and your partner.

Sleek and Trendy Pearl Necklaces

A pearl necklace is a wonderful gifting idea that never gets jaded as most women love pearls. There are also so many different types of pearls that you can choose from. You could choose a pinkish pearl necklace for your partner this Valentine’s day, if you feel that the white pearls are too sober.

You could also pick a necklace encrusted with precious stones to make your partner’s heart soar.

Stunning Ear Jewel Pieces

Everyday indulgence starts with jewelled ear studs and jhumkas. These lovely delights can be worn by your loved one most days and will remind her of your love and caring while she goes about her daily life.

Choose a design that is light and flirty and can be worn while going to the office or to a casual function.

You can choose a diamond stud, Polki studs or a small hanging ear piece embellished with pearls and precious jewels to make your partner’s heart skip a beat.

Modern Jewellery Sets

Stylish jewellery never goes out of style. Buy her something eye catching in a design that suits your partner’s personality and she will thank you for this eternally.

Indulge your beloved with these heart-warming tokens of love and make this Valentine’s day the most happening day in her life.

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