Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid while Picking Up Bridal Jewellery

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10 Mistakes to Avoid while Picking Up Bridal Jewellery

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid while Picking Up Bridal Jewellery

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Your wedding day may be the most eagerly anticipated in your life; it is also the most stressful. We know you are getting jittery shopping for your trousseau, jewellery, and your bridal outfit, even at this minute. 

Because you are so fried, you may commit a great number of mistakes like lacking clarity about which jewellery to buy/not to buy and in what order. 

Therefore, we are writing this blog. We are going to spell out in great detail which are the common pre-wedding bridal jewellery- related snags you may get into and how to avoid them.

1. Do Not Buy Your Bridal Jewellery before your Wedding Outfit

This is a common mistake that many brides-to-be make. Buying jewellery before the wedding outfit puts you under all kinds of pressure. You will have to match your bridal jewellery to your dress and this can be a big roadblock for you. 

Hence, always buy the bridal outfit first. Also, don’t forget to ask the shopkeeper for an extra swatch of the material. Carry this swatch with you while buying your bridal jewellery and just go with the flow.


2. Consider the Shape of Your Face before Buying the Necklace 


Just because your friend or the model on the television advertisement wore a certain type of jewellery, it doesn’t mean that it will look good on you as well. If you have small, dainty features and silhouette, a mighty diamond ‘haar’ may overpower your look. 

Mangatrai Bridal Jewellery

The takeaway is that you need to buy jewellery that looks good on you and suits your face and personality. 

Don’t buy any jewellery piece without figuring this out.

3. Concentrate on Layering Your Bridal Jewellery Pieces, Instead of Buying One Neck Piece

Bridal Jewellery collection Mangatrai Neeraj

This commandment applies to the neckpiece the most. Instead of buying one big choker necklace or a diamond necklace, think of layering your neckpieces. Experiment with the lengths, the pendants, stones, and metals. This will give you that certain glam and shine on your big day. And give you more options to use the neckpieces later on, instead of just packing them off in the locker.

4. Pay Attention to the Detailing of the Bridal Outfit

Keep the detailing on your bridal outfit in mind before buying your bridal set pieces. Pay attention to the type of detailing – thread work, beadwork, zari, embroidery, plus the colours, shades and/or patterns. You also must have a clear picture of your blouse’s neckline. Not every necklace looks good with every neckline.

5. Layer Your Necklaces Wisely

Mangatrai Neeraj Jewellery hyderabad

Do make the right choice of the necklaces that you want to layer. Play with the lengths, stones, and looks. You can safely layer a thick choker with long chains of varying lengths. It is going to be a problem when you add too many heavy neck pieces together. You may end up looking like a shop window gold display on your wedding day, instead of a lovely bride


6. Educate Yourself About Jewellery Before Buying

The thing to do is to research the different jewellery that is available. This will give you an idea of the budget too. Make sure you understand the difference between Kundan, Polki, diamond, rubies, gold, and the different precious stones before you step into the jewellery store to buy your first piece.

7. Stop Being a Slave to Trends

Trends are transitory. Following them blindly will make you a slave and not make you stand out. Just to illustrate, the ‘mattha patti’ is quite the ‘in’ thing these days. 

Jewellery collection by mangatrai neeraj

But they may not suit your face. If you must have a matha patti, make sure you get one that suits the shape face of your forehead.

8. Avoid Going Overboard with the Size of the Earrings

EarRings Collection by Mangatrai Neeraj

The size of your earrings needs to be matched to the size of your choker. If you have a choker on your neck, make sure to pick up lighter earrings like short jhumkas or even studs.

9. Pick Different Types of Jewellery for Different Occasions

Your wedding celebrations start much before the actual event. Different occasions call for different jewellery.

Jewellery Collection Mangatrai Neeraj Jewellery

Buy different types of jewellery for different occasions- for e.g. Polki, Jadau, Kundan, or Temple jewellery is preferred for the actual wedding day and you can choose Pearl or Gota jewellery for the Sangeet and Mehendi ceremonies.

10. Buy Certified Jewellery Only

This one is a biggy. Only buy jewellery if it is certified. Do also read the fine print like the warranty, the return and refundable policies to begin with. Buy only when you are completely satisfied after ticking the above boxes. 

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