Striking Satladas to Catch your Fancy!

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satlada hyderabadi jewellery

Striking Satladas to Catch your Fancy!

Posted in : Satlada Hyderabadi Jewellery on by : MangatraiNeeraj

Satlada haars are the pride of the traditional Hyderabadi wedding. They are stunning, exquisite works of arts and a sure-shot crowd puller. 

So, ladies, if you are still looking to buy chokers, necklaces and gulbands, stop and turn towards these gorgeous, regal satladas, for a minute. We assure you that you will be more than satisfied!

Hyderabadi Satlada haar- a quick intro

The traditional Satlada haar is an age-old piece of jewellery that dates from the Nizams and  Nawabi heritage and remains a classic to date. It’s called a ‘Satlaada’ because it has seven strings. And these strings are where the sheer beauty of these haars lie. These strings can carry precious beads, pearls, emeralds, rubies, polkis— the sky’s the limit. 

satlada jewellery

Originally found in the royal households, the seven-stringed pearl satlada haar is still a must-have for brides. This long, layered necklace woven with 465 pearls and a handful of precious stones is the most wanted jewellery item now. And with good reason too!

Satlada jewellery: versatile as well as exquisite

Satladas are extremely versatile. you have diamond satladas, emerald satladas, or satladas with jewelled bridges between the layers. Satlada haar designs are very evolved today. 

This jewellery item is also customizable to the nth degree. 

You can also pair it up with neck-cinching chokers or wear them alone and let the layers do the talking!

You can wear a satlada for your pre-wedding festivities too and look resplendent the way a certain Ms Padukone did. This savvy diva styled one with her mehndi attires using a heavenly satlada to go with her ensemble, and killed the look!

Satlada haar designs

Satladas can be handcrafted using pearls, gems, diamonds and beads to match the dress. Typically, these seven-layered neckpieces are also not too heavy and when combined with a choker, they are perfect for the upcoming wedding season.

satlaada haar

Loot-worthy Hyderabadi Satlada haar every bride must check out!

What really works for Hyderabadi satlada jewellery is that you can pick from a wide array of  beguiling Hyderabadi satlada haar and necklace designs

Add a regal touch to your bridal look by choosing the best, most exquisite Nizami/Hyderabadi satladas fashioned using diamonds, polkis, emeralds, pearls and rubies to make heads turn and become a cynosure of attention with the excellent craftsmanship of impeccably coordinated precious gemstones in the wondrous satladas. 

Ruby satlada jewellery

If becoming the “Princess of the Day ” is your wish, the Nizami/Hyderabadi Jewellery collection with the exquisite satladas is your best bet.

You can pick a simple Kundan and pearl satlada necklace for a minimalist look or go all the way and pick a long, bejewelled satlada for the fairy tale wedding, the choice is yours!

Happy shopping!

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