South Indian Wedding Jewellery- Timeless and Versatile

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south indian jewellery

South Indian Wedding Jewellery- Timeless and Versatile

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South Indian weddings are typically grand affairs with lots of rituals. The Pelli is not complete without traditional, gold, South Indian Temple jewellery embellishing the bride.

South India has a long and rich tradition and this is fully reflected in their weddings, festivities and other auspicious occasions.

A host of pre-marriage and post-marriage rituals are followed religiously in most marriages in the south. These are underpinned by pronounced spirituality and loads of symbolism. 

An average Andhra “Reddy” wedding, for example, is a 15-days affair and there are a host of traditional ceremonies, with the bride-to-be wearing different types of jewellery pieces in each.

south indian wedding

Jewellery of the bride – an inseparable part of South Indian weddings

Heavy gold jewellery is customarily worn by the Andhraiite, Corgi, Tamil Brahmin or Keralite bride on her wedding day. Most bridal jewellery is studded with precious gems, pearls, and diamonds. 

south indian jewellery

Temple jewellery has always been a South-Indian bridal favourite. This ornate jewellery is usually passed down generations and carries a number of religious motifs. The designs consist mainly of themes woven around gods and goddesses like Lakshmi, Narasimha, Rama,  Krishna, Ganesh, apsaras, etc. 

Other common motifs are derived from the elements of nature like animals, birds, flowers, fruits, trees, etc. Peacocks, elephants, the mango fruit, flowers, vines and leaves are extremely common as motifs too. 

The Temple South Indian wedding jewellery set is a staple in the south Indian bride’s trousseau.

Jewellery staples for the South Indian bride

In the Southern states of India, necklaces are known as haram.  In South Indian jewellery, a wide variety of classic necklaces is available for the bride. She can choose from the mango mala or long necklace, coin necklace or Kasumala, Guttapusalu necklace from coastal Andhra, Satlada haar or the contemporary Polki, Kundan chokers. Traditional Andhra jewellery pieces sporting filigree and lac work are also very popular. 

south indian wedding jewellery

One of the most important bridal jewellery pieces is the long and thick, multi-layered gold chain also called Pathakala Haaram. The nose ring, choker or Kanta Abushanam, heavily studded gold bangles, Vaddanam or waist belt, and Papidi Billa, heavy armbands etc. 

Bell-shaped designs are the most loved for earrings. So are hanging bells fastened onto bangles. Gold necklaces are adorned with Hindu deity figures and motifs of coins, rudraksha stones, flowers, and paisleys. The figurines of goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth are also very popular in the latest South Indian jewellery designs. 

south india mangatrai neeraj jewellery

Today’s modern bride also loves experimenting with the latest South Indian jewellery designs and trends that include layering necklaces. What many brides are doing today is wearing an ornate choker close to their throat with longer necklaces and matching earpieces with Lakshmi or Lord Ganesha engravings.

Standalone Temple jewellery pieces are also remodelled as statement pieces that are matched with other pieces of jewellery for greater impact. 


South Indian Temple jewellery is a fine example of Indian heritage, craftsmanship and culture. It tells the timeless tale of India’s divine and regal spiritual heritage effortlessly. South Indian Temple jewellery pieces form excellent heirloom pieces as well and are passed down from one generation to another with a great deal of love and care.  

These are also an attractive investment as they are classic and timeless, something that will never go out of style. 


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