Pre -Wedding Jewellery Picks from MangatraiNeeraj

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prewedding jewellery

Pre -Wedding Jewellery Picks from MangatraiNeeraj

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Indian weddings are about more than just the day of the wedding. Festivities start days if not months in advance. There is an engagement followed by several rituals like the Haldi, Sangeet, Mehndi, followed by the actual wedding.

If you are a prospective bride wondering what jewellery to buy for these pre-wedding functions, don’t get frazzled, just read this blog down to the end. We will ensure that your head will be buzzing with ideas and there will be a determined twinkle in your eye…and you can head out to buy your pre-wed jewellery with confidence.

Pre-wedding jewellery is trending right now

Young, to-be wedded couples are enthusiastic about their wedding albums and photo shoots so they are willing to go that extra mile to keep everything opulent and joyous. They want their entire wedding saga to be  to be stupendous in all ways , and not just their D-day. 

Pre-wedding events thus are allocated their own budgets and times on planners. A big part of the pre-wedding hoopla is buying the right jewellery for the important events that are planned by the two families.

Here are a few pointers for you -to-be brides and grooms, to buy the right pre-wedding jewellery.

Before we get to the nitty-gritty of this, let’s understand what pre-jewellery really is? How do you differentiate between pre-wedding and wedding jewellery? Well, there are no concrete lines but pre-wedding jewellery is lighter, less chunky and more focussed on stuff that can be mixed and matched. Think Polki chokers or long haars, or just that lovely diamond maang tika. 

These jewellery items can make or break your dreamy pre-wedding album. Mangatrai Neeraj has a number of types of jewellery you can choose from to wear for pre-wedding festivities. You can buy the most traditional to modern pieces here in beads , pearls, and diamonds. We suggest you build around one focal jewellery piece like a Mango mala in rubies, uncut diamonds, pearls and emeralds, and build your look around this, rather than cluttering things up.

Pointers to buy the best pre-wedding jewellery:

  1. Don’t buy your pre-wedding dresses first… buy the jewellery :
    Deciding what to wear on your pre-wedding is another tricky task. Confusion surrounds as to whether to wear matching colors, contrast, wear according to your personalities and which jewellery piece would look just right with the dress. Do not, buy your dress first, but decide and buy the jewellery first. There are many reasons for this. Your jewellery will last longer… it is also more expensive. Hence buy your jewellery and then match your pre-wedding function attire to the same.

    preweddding Jewellery by Mangatrai Neeraj

  2. Experiment more:
    Whether you want to follow the Royal theme and mood or a more modern silhouette, we at Mangatrai neeraj have you covered. If you are in a mood for larger than life pre-wedding festivities, in a royal bride-groom look, then pearls are your best choice. Pearls are classy and luxurious and have been a part of royal heritage. Pair a royal and luxurious looking pearl necklace set with a lehenga or silk saree for that function right now!

    MN Jewellery

  3. Mix and match your jewellery pieces:
    Pearls and precious stones. Rubies with diamonds….try them all out now, as the wedding jewellery is more formal and vintage.

    premium jewellery by Mangatrai Neeraj

  4. Chokers win over other necklaces definitely:
    Chokers are amongst the most happening necklaces around today. They also add that extra to your neckline. Go for them and ditch the layering of necklaces for now.

    Prewedding Jewellery

  5. Beads are in too:
    Look at beads apart from pearls as they add their own charm to your neck piece. You may want to look at Taarmaalas… they look gorgeous and will definitely make you feel like a princess.

    beads pre wedding jewellery

  6. Improvise and customize:
    Go for improvising your sets. Add pearls or even coloured beads to your necklace in kundan and voila! You have a new piece that will be more striking.

    prewedding jewellery

  7. Statement pieces:
    These are really very much in vogue. They needn’t be loud or big, they can be something delicate like a classic pearl choker or a cuff in Polkis. This will  let that one piece of jewellery shine and help you build around it.

    beads prewedding jewellery

Head to Mangatrai Neeraj for all your pre-wedding jewellery buys. We are now available online. Book a virtual appointment by clicking on this link –

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