Pearl jewellery trends to watch out for in 2021

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Pearl jewellery trends to watch out for in 2021

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Pearls are prized heirlooms that are lovingly passed from one generation to the other. They have a personality of their own and always add that bit extra to your charm. 

Contrary to popular perceptions, all pearls are not white or round in colour. The finest quality of pearls come in multiple colours ranging from iridescent pink to opalescent black. And their shape can range from round to irregular too. 

The most asked question pertaining to these royal, classy natural gems is whether they are back in fashion in 2021. The perfect comeback to this is whether they ever went out of style?

These amazing pieces of natural art have always managed to change and adapt to the current fashion and style sensibility and have managed to up the glam quotient of beautiful, classy women for decades.

The pearl staples that will never go out of style

The gorgeous Rani haar

Made using pearls and precious gems, this pearl classic will never bow out of bridal fashion. This is a must-buy for the bride and anyone who wants to explore her elegance, grace, and the royal Maharani aura. 

raani har mangatrai neeraj

The perfectly round white pearls mala 

This is another staple that will forever adorn your neck. This one is made of pure white pearls and can go with any look -traditional to western. This one is a star in adding that extra poise to your look. 

mangatrai neeraj white pearl mala

The Panchlada or the five-layered long necklace

This one is a must-have neck jewellery that is designed using pearls,  rubies, emeralds and other precious stones interweaved with  5 strands of gold. Simply beguiling neck sculpture that is timeless.

panchlada mangatrai neeraj

Baroque pearl jewellery

Necklaces using baroque pearls, the rarest of rare pearls that are irregular in shape, continue to add that bit of glam and glitz to your evening or party wear, even now. 

borque pearl mala by mangatrai neeraj

The long pearls mala 

 Tradition and opulence go hand-in-hand with this exquisite pearls mala which is designed using white pure pearls to appeal to refined tastes.

The South Sea pearls necklace

These alluring necklaces are made using the finest quality of pearls that come in multiple colours to add to the wearer’s evocative persona.

Guttapusalu pearl jewellery collection

 Guttapusalu jewellery is a style of pearl jewellery with gold that originates from coastal Andhra. The necklaces,earrings and sets are fringed with bunches of small pearls very similar to ‘a shoal of small fish’ or “gutta”. These pieces of priceless Heritage jewellery will never go out of style. 

Current pearl jewellery trends  

Pearl chokers 

These nail-any-look pearl chokers are crafted keeping traditional styles as well as modern trends in mind. They are not only classy and elegant, but also relevant to modern trends. They are really speaking to the modern woman’s sense of style this season.

pearl chocker

Monster pearl ear drops 

Made out of freshwater pearls, available in every natural colour, type, size and shape, seriously long, pearl drops are back in the reckoning. Mix with a minimalist neck piece to forge your own power dressing signature.  

Layering pearl necklaces of varying lengths

This trend allows you to highlight your chic style. Layer your long stylish pearl necklace with smaller pieces for a great look for your party outfit dress. Touchy styles are seriously in with multi-layering of pearl strings and bracelets.

layering pearl necklace

Modern jewellery with baroque pearls

boroque pearl jewellery by mangatrai neeraj

These edgy, irregular pearls are back with a bang. These pearl neck pieces allow you to stand out from the rest effortlessly.

Pearl jewellery collections are timeless pieces of art that fully deserves to be a staple item in every woman’s jewellery box. 

If you are on the lookout for exceptional pearls, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our large collection of  pearl jewellery in Hyderabad made out of freshwater pearls, available in every natural colour, type, size and shape. 

We are sure you will find something that will speak to your unique sense of style.


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