Nizami Jewellery -Embodying Queenly Splendour and Grace

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Nizami Jewellery Collection Hyderabad

Nizami Jewellery -Embodying Queenly Splendour and Grace

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Nizami jewellery is the traditional Hyderabadi jewellery that is worn with pride by the bride at most weddings in the city even today. What sets this type of jewellery apart is its sheer scale and opulence. 

 Nizami jewellery designs are marked by their luxurious touch and feel. They are big, flashy, sparkly and incandescent. A Nizami jewellery set is thus the best accompaniment to the bridal trousseau. 

Nizami Jewellery is named after the famed Nizam jewellery. The Nizam’s jewellery was marked by opulent turban ornaments, belts, buttons, and swords as well as bejewelled armbands and exclusive jewellery for the women and kids. Today, the tradition continues with the famed Nizami jewellery pieces like the unique, aristocratic Nizami necklace, Tirmani which is a three (tri) gemstones (mani) neckpiece studded with ruby/emerald and uncut diamond teamed with pearls to give it a royal finish, and the lovely Jugni Nizami necklace which is made from two to three strings of pearls and ends in an exquisite Kundan pendant studded with precious gemstones. The highlight of this ornament is the pendant which is shaped in the shape of raw mango or Kairi,  and is encrusted with rare, precious stones.

Pure Gold Long Haar Jewellery by mangatrai neeraj

Nizami Jewellery: Mirroring Nizam Jewellery

The Nizam jewellery collection has designs that are of  Indian culture and ethos. They are crafted with skill and are encrusted with the purest gems, precious stones and diamonds.

Gold Jewellery By Mangatrai Neeraj

They highlight the prosperity of the southern part of the country and are encrusted and decorated with gems from almost all parts of the globe, such as the 22 large uncut Columbian emeralds, Burmese rubies, Basra pearls, etc., apart from Golconda diamonds.

Nizami Jewellery- Hyderabadi Bridal Jewellery Par Excellence

This typical jewellery is lovingly worn by most if not all Hyderabadi brides even today. What is the hallmark of Nizami jewellery is the traditions and history related to each piece worn by the Hyderabadi bride,like-

Mangatrai Neeraj Jewellery

HeadGear – Maang Tikka and Jhumer

This piece is worn on the forehead. The teeka is worn by brides in other parts of India, but what sets Hyderabadi Teeka apart is its unique patent circular shape embellished with Almas which is nothing but chips of diamonds and pearls.


The jhumer is another ornament that is worn on one side of the forehead. It is shaped as a triangle and is made using strands of pearls joined with gold and emerald plates.

Jada Huwa Lachcha and Saath Lada

Nizami jewels are famous for these two styles of necklaces. No Hyderabadi bride is truly wedding-ready without bedecking herself with these two Nizami ornaments.  

Jada Huwa Lachcha is a kind of elegant choker designed with uncut diamonds and gold with precious stones like emerald or rubies dangling from the bottom. 

Jewellery collection by mangatrai neeraj

Saath Lada is a necklace made using seven strands fashioned from pearls. Each strand ends in a pendant made from gold and precious stones. This haar is usually pretty long reaching down to the navel. In true Nizami jewellery tradition, the strands are accentuated by small and delicate flower-shaped pendants. 

hydrerabadi mangatrai neeraj jewellery

Nizami jewellery is also characterized by unique Nizam jewel style details in the Karan Phool and Chand Baliyan. Karan phool is designed as a large flower and Chand Bali is the crescent moon shaped earring that covers the entire ear. 

The Nath is fashioned using ruby beads and pearls.

Nizami jewellery is dominated by pearls, uncut diamonds, emeralds, rubies. It is lovingly crafted and is perhaps the grandest, most ornate and feminine jewellery ever worn by a bride anywhere on earth.

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