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Mangatrai Neeraj’s Bespoke Festive Jewellery

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Mangatrai Neeraj is one of the most Trusted Premium jewellery brands in Hyderabad. Their bespoke customized jewellery is the toast of the nation.

Mangatrai Neeraj jewellers concentrate on customizing jewellery pieces according to the needs of the customer- including the occasion they want to wear it for.


The hallmark of MN’s Festive jewellery is its intense Indian motifs, carefully crafted unique silhouette, layering, intricate workmanship, and their delicate, feminine look. These require intricate ‘kaarigari’ to delight you on the day of the festival you are wearing them for, like Ugadi.

Our stand-out jewellery item pieces like bangles, necklaces, mang tika, and armlets will add that ‘little’ extra to your entire festive look. 

We know that women desire to dress up and look their best for occasions like Ugadi and Vishu in the Spring. Read this blog to the end to be in sync with the latest jewellery trends and understand how Mangatrai Neeraj Jewellers adds that precious extra to your festive look.

Mangatrai Neeraj’s South Indian Traditional Jewellery for Ugadi and Vishu

The regal Temple Jewellery, a valuable part of South India’s cultural heritage is a hit with our esteemed clients for festive seasons like Ugadi and Vishu.

Mangatrai Neeraj Temple Jewellery

We use precious gemstones with KC Pearls, South Sea Pearls and Basara Pearls to give lustre to the Gold, pearls and precious stones encrusted royal necklaces and Chokers adding glory to the festive occasions with this resplendent gold temple jewellery.

For Vishu, a festival which is celebrated mainly in Kerala on the Spring Equinox in April, Malayali women prefer wearing the white and gold traditional saree called Kasavu. They like to accessorize with white, fragrant Jasmine flowers. The jewellery of choice for this occasion is traditional South Indian jewellery including Golden, precious stones encrusted Golden Drops called Jhumkas and thick, layered necklaces.

Mangatrai Neeraj’s structured traditional South –Indian neck pieces, very popular among the Telugus for Ugadi, come with expansive layering with intricate paisley patterns and delicate wire work that holds the piece together. These masterpieces of craftsmanship and style are jewellery pieces that can never go out of style and can be passed down generations as heirlooms.

Mangatrai Neeraj Festive Jewellery

Chokers in diamond, precious stones and gold are another jewellery item that never go out of style. Mangatrai Neeraj’s classic Diamond Jewellery collection is a paean to Women’s Beauty. Our spectacular Diamond jewellery necklaces are crafted from cut and uncut Diamonds, Rubies and Emerald stones and are embellished with Pearls. These are much in-demand during festive occasions like Ugadi and Vishu where communities and families celebrate together.

The other festive jewellery trends to look out for are –

Multi-layering necklaces: This is an evergreen festive jewellery trend. You can accessorise a simple lehenga or a heavy Pattu saree by layering beautifully carved handcrafted chokers with multiple mid-length or long-length necklaces to create a majestic look for Ugadi or Vishu.

Jewellery collection

Statement earrings: These opulent ear pieces are huge during the festive season. You can adorn classic statement earrings like diamonds and gold drops, Polki earrings and studs made using precious stones to enhance the festive look.

Polki ear rings by mangatrai neeraj

If you are adventurous, you can add a traditional vaddanam to your saree this festive season. These pieces of jewellery are eternally feminine, versatile, and never go out of style.

Festivals are all about colour and bonhomie. Add that extra bit of colour to your festive look by wearing classic gold jewellery pieces along with standout precious coloured stone jewellery pieces like bangles and rings. This will add extra colour and vibrancy to your festive look.


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