Mangatrai Neeraj- Hyderabad’s Opulent Jewellers

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Mangatrai Neeraj Jewellery

Mangatrai Neeraj- Hyderabad’s Opulent Jewellers

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Mangatrai Neeraj Jewellery:

When it comes to lusciously beautiful jewellery,  Mangatrai Neeraj is the first name that comes to mind. Founded in 1905, Mangatrai Neeraj Jewellers is a family business of five generations of reputed merchants dealing in Diamonds, Precious Gems, and Pearls.

If you are looking for fine detailing in sparkling diamonds and semi-precious stones, pearls, polki, and Kundan, Mangatrai Neeraj Jewellers is the place to go!

They promise elegance, beauty and precision in each design with that intangible extra that will make you feel like a Queen!

Mangatrai Neeraj jewellery is witness to the craftsmanship and precision of the artisan’s skill and dedication. The Jewellery House takes pride in converting the designs of your choice into an exotic piece of opulent jewellery that you can wear proudly for ages.

Mangatrai Neeraj jewellery is known worldwide as ‘quality’ jewellery blended with refined craftsmanship and pure elegance.

Chiselling World-Class Jewellery:

Each piece of Mangatrai Neeraj jewellery is crafted with precision using the rarest of precious gems, pearls, and diamonds. This grand, traditional jewellery adorns the bride weaving a rare magic.

Mangatrai Neeraj’s advanced Jewellery manufacturing facility has the latest equipment and is managed by proficient, seasoned craftsmen, who make the designs of your dreams.

They are a step ahead in synergising the freshest ideas with the most advanced techniques. Each of their unique jewellery pieces is customized according to your wishes. Their superior craftsmen can develop a distinctive piece of jewellery using all forms of pearls, diamonds, gold, and rare precious gems from basic sketches and photographs provided by you.

 Polki Jewelry Set by Mangatrai Neeraj Jewellers Hyderabad


At Mangatrai Neeraj, you can find the most incandescent Kundan necklaces etched with uncut diamonds, rubies and emeralds, and laced with dangling drops, crafted using emerald beads and south-sea pearls to match your exquisite silk wedding saree. Or you can source the most magnificent ‘Three- layered Diamond Long Haaram’ that you had been searching for to wear on your Big Day!

It’s all there!


Quality Always…

Another big plus of Mangatrai Neeraj is that quality is the focal point of their business. They make sure that every piece of jewellery you buy is of the finest quality. The raw materials are selected by experts, they are cut, polished, and finished by trained experts.

Finally, every piece undergoes stringent quality tests to ensure it is the best. Only then is it put out on the counter.


Digitally Yours…

While tradition is at the heart of Mangatrai Neeraj Jewellery, they are innovating according to the needs of their customers. They make sure that you can reach them from wherever you are located through  ‘Mangatrai Neeraj Jewellers Online’. You can shop virtually from anywhere in the world. Limitless service is the motto at Mangatrai Neeraj- and they take it extremely seriously.

This hint of modernism and the ability to adapt to the needs of their customers is what has kept Mangatrai Neeraj Hyderabad ahead of the game.

They pride themselves on their forward-thinking, futuristic behaviour and believe in being future-ready always.

Mangatrai Neeraj has indeed evolved into a House of Premium jewellery with a focus on Diamonds, precious gems, and pearls for the modern bride. They have an uncanny ability to innovate and exceed your expectations and it is this that has notched up their global clientele base across the world.

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