Luscious Green Emerald Jewellery Sets for the Connoisseur

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Emerald Jewellery by Mangatrai Neeraj

Luscious Green Emerald Jewellery Sets for the Connoisseur

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The recent interest in ancient Indian crafts has led to the revival of traditional jewellery. There is a renewed interest in classic Polki, Kundan and Temple jewellery- all of which use precious gems like emeralds. These forms of jewellery go back by centuries and use classic craftsmanship and temple motifs to add an extra gravitas to your look and persona.

Emerald Jewellery in Hyderabad

Green emerald jewellery is similarly grabbing its share of the limelight. Emerald jewellery designs and ruby and emerald jewellery collections have  become staples of Indian marriages globally, far from the days when they were localized in just a few pockets.

What do Emeralds Symbolize?

Few gemstones carry as much mystique as emeralds. They are gems that go much beyond being pretty or shiny – the emerald carries a rich history that spans back roughly 4,000 years to Babylon, the “cradle of civilization”.

Mangatrai Emerald Jewellery

Green is also the most calming of all the colours. It also encourages growth, balance, and peace. Not many know this but green also represents healing and fertility.

No wonder, this mysterious, incandescent gemstone is included with many other types of gems like pearls, diamonds, Polkis and Kundan for fashioning traditional ‘Temple’ to the most modern jewellery pieces.

Emerald- A Versatile Gemstone

At Mangatrai Neeraj, we use the best emeralds to craft traditional Temple jewellery pieces, Panchladas, mango maalas, and Rani Haars for your wearing pleasure.

The verdant tones of emerald enhance the look and feel of all jewellery types and styles of our jewellery manifold.

We at Mangatrai Neeraj weave our emerald gemstone jewellery pieces taking inspiration from royalty, and then imagining the age-old classical designs using our innate sense of what a bride wants.

Emreald Jewellery

Our designs are enhanced using our signature craftsmanship. We marry age-old traditional techniques with modern silhouettes to craft unique pieces using emerald stones in varied hues. Each ruby and emerald jewellery collection jewellery piece is decorated with precious gems like diamonds, pink sapphires and real pearls, not to mention Polkis and Kundan pieces.

Emerald jewellery is extremely popular amongst brides because of the sheer opulence and brilliance of the ruby and emerald jewellery pieces.  It is due to their traditional, aesthetic appeal, that emerald jewellery pieces occupy a place of pride in the traditional bridal trousseau.

Wedding Dressing with Emerald Jewellery Pieces

Due to the emerald gemstone’s association with fertility and sensuality, it is very often used to craft bridal jewellery pieces all over the world. Emerald and pearl sets are also very suitable for bridal wear.

Emerald sets are also great for gifting.

Reach out to us to buy your very own, emerald jewellery piece right now.

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