Indian Traditional Bridal Jewellery Collection

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Indian Traditional Bridal Jewellery Collection

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An Indian bride is kindred to a thousand and one things, out of which Indian Bridal Jewellery is surely a major aspect of. There are so many different collections of bridal jewellery that it can be quite confusing where to go – not to mention the hole it’ll put in one’s pocket. Typically we’d suggest sticking to a couple of brands for most of your bridal jewellery and if there is a worry that it might be boring sticking to the same brand, don’t worry. Check out the list below for inspiration for a bridal look.

Avoid buying one big necklace as its a huge investment that cannot be worn anywhere else, instead layer multiple neckpieces to create a trendy look that can be worn independently for later occasions.

Check out the list below and make a note of what’s likable.

For the elegant bride who likes to break the rules:

Layer this beautiful diamond choker holding an emerald and pearl accent with an uneven pearl garland to create a unique style for a Mehendi ceremony. Wear with a powder blue or asymmetrical blouse.

Choker from MangatraiNeeraj, Hyderabad.

Pearl garland from MangatraiNeeraj pearls.

For the Religious bride:

This colourful Kundan and oval-shaped pearl choker necklace is the perfect piece for a Raatham pooja when layered with a diamond emerald set from the exclusive Diamond Jewellery Collection. The Jhumka earrings in this set give a traditional vibe whilst the overall look is classic and pretty. Wear with an orange saree to bring out the south Indian beauty look.

Colourful choker and Emerald necklace from MangatraiNeeraj, Hyderabad.

For the Bride with a flair for festivities:

A pearl choker will save the big bucks for the marriage ceremony while letting your festive mood sparkle as you enjoy every moment with the closest to you.

Layer it with this an uncut diamond necklace for a bright flair. Choose earrings from either set to match your mood. Style this combo with a bright pink or a mild yellow lehenga.

Pearl choker from MangatraiNeeraj Pearls.                                                                                                                                                                Layered necklace from MangatraiNeeraj, Hyderabad.

The bridal look for the about to married lady:

Saved the best for last, the two looks we’d want to try if we were getting married.

Look #1

Bridal Jewellery Collection in Hyderabad


A royal bridal look is easily styled by layering this heavy polki and emerald choker with a layered polki round diamond and emerald necklace. The layered necklace is one of our favourites from our new collection. Pair with a complementary or contrasting outfit.

Choker and layered necklace from MangatraiNeeraj, Hyderabad.

Look #2

The most elaborate look of all, following a South Indian style while still avoiding the stereotype.

An Intricately detailed choker dripping with pearls and encrusted with diamonds and rubies matched with a mid-length layered ruby and emerald haram embellished in diamonds paired with a long diamond haram with emerald accents, when styled together they make the bride wearing this bedazzling combination look like a queen.
Style with simple detailed bangle to complete the look.

Choker, Haaram 1, Haaram 2 and Bangles are part of the Bridal Jewellery Collection from MangatraiNeeraj, Hyderabad that add appealing elegance to the brides. Check out the exclusive jewellery pieces from the MangatraiNeeraj Jewellery Store in Hyderabad.

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