Guttapusalu Jewellery by MangatraiNeeraj – Fashioning a Resurgence

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Mangatrai Neeraj Guttapusalu jewellery

Guttapusalu Jewellery by MangatraiNeeraj – Fashioning a Resurgence

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Guttapusalu jewellery is jewellery that is passed from generation to generation as bridal heirloom pieces. This gorgeous piece of heritage jewellery typically springs from Andhra Pradesh.

The Guttapusalu jewellery pieces are fringed with bunches of small pearls very similar to  “a shoal of small fish” (gutta). Pulusu means ‘beads’

Heritage Wedding Jewellery

This form of classic heritage jewellery uses a lot of freshwater pearls, rubies and other precious stones and is usually fashioned out of gold, the royal metal. 

Guttapusalu Jewellery

Most traditional Telugu marriages have brides looking resplendent in long Guttapusalu necklace sets. The most famous make among Guttapusalu necklaces is the temple design range made using precious stones, 22K gold with pearls and beads, and uncut diamonds.

The Guttapusalu haram is a special piece of classy, ornate heritage South Indian designs and no wedding is complete without it.

The Design of Guttapusalu Jewellery Pieces

The guttapusalu necklace is one of the most popular and loved staples among Telugu women.  Most guttapusalu necklaces come with a unique ‘loopy’ design. The length of the classic guttapusalu necklace can vary. You get the long harams and the shorter ones…you can even find chokers in this style these days. 

mangatrai Neeraj Guttapusalu

The design of a typical guttapusalu necklace is created with strings of beads piled over each other as fringes, replicating the look of a shoal of small fish. Chunks of beads and pearls are bunched along the necklace chain. 

Guttapusalu jewellery

Traditionally, guttapusalu necklaces are fashioned out of gold and embellished with pearls, gems,  and beads, but these days they are also being made using silver.

Choker guttapusalu sets are especially in demand for bridal trousseaus these days.

The Styles in Guttapulusu Occasion and Wedding Wear Jewellery Sets

The most sought after guttapusalu necklace is the one that sports Temple designs depicting gods and goddesses, nature motifs, as well as bird and animal motifs. Guttapusalu necklaces come with matching earrings, waistband and bangles for the D-day!


mangatrai guttapusalu jewellery

Guttapusalu Jewellery Collection:  The Power of Transformation

This type of jewellery is seeing a revival of sorts, especially among women from other states of India, as well as those living outside India. They all want these pieces of loveliness, now!

syera guttapusalu jewellery

What’s happening is that a lot of these modern women like teaming these traditional jewellery pieces with modern silhouettes to craft a unique look for themselves.

This jewellery thus is getting worn more and more at formal dos and parties. 

This has caused a revolution in guttapusalu designs. Lightweight necklaces are thus in demand amongst clients and jewellery designers all over the world.

You can go for heavy or simple guttapusalu jewellery pieces at Mangatrai Neeraj – A House of Premium Jewellery based on your taste. This statement piece of jewellery will complete your look and complement your style. It’s not wrong to say that this type of traditional and ornate jewellery with the trademark pearl guttas, has gone viral indeed.

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