Explore the scintillating designs with the Beads Jewellery by MangatraiNeeraj

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Explore the scintillating designs with the Beads Jewellery by MangatraiNeeraj

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Precious gemstone beads are classy, enticing and bring a magnificent appeal to the wearer! Beads, due to their extravagance and fascinating colour, bring a dramatic flair to the simplest or grandest of outfits! 

The earliest beads (Es Skhul) were discovered to be 135,000 years old! Evidently, our fascination and spellbinding love for jewellery stretch back to… well, 135,000 years!

At MangatraiNeeraj, you have the option to choose from a myriad of options! From the graceful emerald beads to riveting ruby beads, our Beads Jewellery Collection sets out to fulfil the wishes of all! 

Keep scrolling to see the offerings of MangatraiNeeraj in the captivating beads collection!

Haar and complementing Earrings Sets:

A true masterpiece reflecting the effervescent Meenakari work, created by gifted designers and handcrafted by meticulous craftsmen is perfect for a special occasion. The necklace and earrings bordered by beautifully gleaming ruby beads cast a hypnotic appeal to the entire set.

Pair this impressive set with your favourite outfit to look ravishing!

This astonishing set of emerald beads and complementing earrings looks fabulous when paired with a short-kurti and a sharara emanating a royal feel to the person donning it!

The long haar carefully constructed with gorgeous green emerald beads and diamonds is an ideal and versatile piece of jewellery for numerous events!

Long Haars:

This classic long haar consisting of intricately placed glistening emerald beads strung together along with freshwater pearls is a work of exquisite craftsmanship and elegance. 

Make a bold style statement with this beautiful haar by pairing it with a light-colour saree!

Check out another timeless piece of an emerald beads long haar embedded with uncut rubies below!


Undoubtedly, this simple yet enchanting haar consisting of multiple emerald bead lines with an alluring pendant will make you stand out!

Grand Chokers:

A stylish and chic choker curated by MangatraiNeeraj to bring out the fashionista in you! Encrusted with emerald beads and diamonds, this sophisticated necklace bestows an astonishing glamour to the overall look!

If you want to dress to impress, pair the choker with light-pink lehenga or your favourite outfit!

This sophisticated piece of jewellery bordered with splendid emerald beads is an accurate representation of grandeur and prestige! 

The beaming emerald beads add a sensational look to the piece, elevating the extravagance of the necklace.


The scintillating Beads Jewellery does not end with long haars or chokers, check out these stunning earrings crafted with emerald beads!

Pair these dazzling earrings with your favourite necklaces to look like a diva!

Visit the stores of MangatraiNeeraj to add these beautiful pieces to your jewellery ensemble or order them online!

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