Experience the enchanting Jewellery – Shehzadi Jewellery Collection from MangatraiNeeraj

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Experience the enchanting Jewellery – Shehzadi Jewellery Collection from MangatraiNeeraj

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Subtle yet bold, the Shehzadi Jewellery Collection is a mesmeric ensemble of ornaments by MangatraiNeeraj for a down-to-earth and dramatic woman. 

The all-embracing Shehzadi (Princess) Jewellery Collection comprises of radiant necklaces, scintillating earrings and dazzling maangtikas. The statement pieces designed and devised with thorough craftsmanship are an electrifying fusion of uncut diamonds, ruby stones, emeralds and pearls.

Are you looking for glamorously chic ornaments with a touch of traditions and grandeur? You’ve come to the right place!

The delicate and pleasing pieces of jewellery augment sophistication and poise to the overall appeal and outfit. Look below to know more!


Chandbali Earrings so captivating, it truly is hard to get past them without staring! A compelling unification of pretty uncut diamonds and freshwater pearls, these earrings pair well with grand Anarkalis and simple Kurtis impeccably.

Dreamily regal Jhoomer Earrings – a sweet medley of Rubies, Pearls and uncut Diamonds. The pinkish hues amplify the opulence of the earrings, making them seemingly magnificent. Bring out the Shehzadi in you by donning these earrings with your favourite outfit! 


Maangtikas encrusted with attractive Emerald beads, uncut Diamonds and pearl bunches, are so alluring that they can standalone make the crowd stare at you! Pair this good-looking Maangtika with a pastel green lehenga to look confident and graceful.

Have a look at this eye-catchy Maangtika designed to make you shine!

Necklaces and Chokers:

Bound with gleaming Emeralds, uncut Diamonds and pretty pearl bunches, this extravagant set of Choker and complementing earrings look exceptional when paired with a vibrant Yellow or Magenta Saree.

Check out this astonishing and unusually bold Emerald Choker and Earring Set, handcrafted with proficiency for a woman looking to make a bold style statement!

Are you looking for a refined and delicate Sathlada? MangatraiNeeraj has an extensive range of jewels to cover all your wishes!

Intricate. Classy. Graceful. This beatific 5-layer Sathlada is a pleasing merger of Emerald beads, Emerald stones, uncut Diamonds and Pearls supplements exquisiteness and glitz to the simplest outfits. 

Accessorize and Glamorize! 

Transform your outfit and your day with the enthralling and enchanting ornaments from the Shehzadi Collection by MangatraiNeeraj.

Visit the MangatraiNeeraj store in Bangalore, Chennai or Hyderabad or order your favourite piece of jewellery online as we deliver worldwide!

To know more about our offerings in the Shehzadi Collection, follow us on Instagram @MangatraiNeeraj or like our Facebook Page!

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