Bridal Jewellery for an Intimate Wedding

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Bridal Jewellery for an Intimate Wedding

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Weddings are getting more intimate in these COVID times.  This gives you much more to focus on apart from the regular issues related to arranging the trousseau, the catering, venue, and decorations. But, having a low-key marriage with fewer guests does not mean that you have to hold yourself back from looking every inch the regal bride for the most important day of your life.

Here are a few nudges in the right direction for buying the perfect jewellery for your D-day in the times that we live in today!

Chokers are Forever

Weddings are the perfect occasions to crush on chokers. Chokers look drop-dead gorgeous and are also extremely versatile pieces. You can choose from a wide array of choker neckpieces- close fitting chokers in glistening diamonds and precious stones like emeralds, sapphires, and tourmaline are the trendiest necklace types that can be matched with your wedding saree or lehenga.

If you want your jewellery to be under-stated, you can go for the small, avant- garde choker neckpiece designs encrusted with precious stones for a more modern look or extravagant, elaborate ones with cascading elements for a traditional silhouette. There are umpteen choices for you. All you have to do is to pick the one you want.

Bridal Jewellery for an Intimate Wedding

Divine Bridal Naths:

Bridal naths are a magical accessory that finds a place of pride in every bride’s trousseau. It is that single piece of jewellery that will accentuate your look like no other piece.

Naths have been around for centuries and you can choose one according to what suits your wedding look. You could go for the classic, large bridal naths or the smaller ones.

Kundan naths are what we recommend. They add the bling and make you look every inch the incandescent bride.

Bridal Jewellery of Mangatrai Neeraj

Exquisite Diamond Haar:

These are almost wedding-must-haves. Most brides want something spectacular to anchor their bridal look and a big diamond haar does this with panache.

Though, diamond haars are the most popular, pearl and precious stone encrusted haars are no less in beauty. Chunky haars look stupendous on tall, statuesque brides.

We suggest that you keep your bridal look fuss-free with one big diamond haar and create a unique look by syncing the rest of your jewellery around this main piece.Jewellery set for bridals in hyderbad

Stunning Kundan Jewellery Pieces:

Kundan adds a great amount of bling to your look. That is why most brides love it. Your kundan set can be embellished with precious stones including diamonds, pearls, and emeralds.

Kundan jewellery is equally flattering for the modern silhouettes as it is for a more traditional classic silhouette.

Kundan can also be styled in versatile ways with both Indian –traditional and a modern wedding look.

Stunning Kundan Jewellery in Hyderabad

Re-Invent Old Jewellery Pieces:

There are brides who are going back in time and digging deep into their grandmother’s closets to pick out that lovely saree or choker for that regal wedding look. Many ladies getting hitched are trying out this jewellery hack. This, they say, puts them in touch with their family legacy while giving them enough freedom to shop for brand new jewellery pieces.

You can also take your mother’s or grandmother’s jewellery forward. You can thus wear your grandma’s heirloom Rani haar and match it with standalone pieces to accentuate the overall look.

Mangatrai Neeraj Jewellery

Try out new things for your wedding in this period of new beginnings. Be a bold experimenter. Find out what works for your and go for jewellery to suit your style and personality.

MangatraiNeeraj – A House of Premium Jewellery offers dazzling bridal jewellery that can be customized according to your style.

We offer personalized bridal jewellery collections in Kundan, Polki, Rubies, Emeralds, Diamonds, Pearls and Gold synced to your unique requirements to make you look irresistible on your wedding day.

Connect with us on Call/WhatsApp: +91 9704540000. Visit our store or schedule an appointment for virtual call or customization.

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