5 Things to note while choosing pearls

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5 Things to keep in mind while choosing pearls

5 Things to note while choosing pearls

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Pearls are your jewellery divas. They make you look incandescent and regal.

Pearls also come in different colours and shapes and have multiple systems of classifications. Like, there are different types of pearls- the freshwater types, the Akoya pearls and others. The freshwater pearls are the most economical while the Akoya pearls are more expensive.

This brings us to the question that has been flitting in your mind for a long time- how should you select the perfect pearl for yourself?

Here are the 5 things that you should consider while choosing pearls

Always select pearls with a rich lustrous colour.

The more intense the lustre of the pearl, the better. This is because the lustre indicates the thickness of the coating that makes a pearl. The pearls that are highly lustrous usually have a thick pearl coating and are of a superior quality.

Choosing pearls

Avoid picking up dull or chalky pearls as they have a thin pearl coating. This coating will more often than not chip off quickly. And this is not something that you want!

It is best to choose pearls with as smooth a surface as possible.

This is important because the finest, most cultured pearls with a thick pearl coating, do not carry blisters, visible cracks or pits on their surface. They are usually flawless. You can pick up pearls with minor surface imperfections though, as long as the pearls have an intense lustre.

Pick up pearls with a pleasing shape.

Round is not the only shape where pearls are concerned. Perfectly round pearls are extremely rare. The Akoya pearls are the ones that come in a round shape. The other types of pearls come in multiple shapes like ovoid and button. The Baroque, a different category of pearl, is irregular in shape.

5 thins to Note Choosing pearls

If someone tries to sell you perfectly round pearls, get them tested for authenticity as most chalky pearls are perfectly round.

Select a colour that complements your skin colour.

Choose a colour that suits your complexion. White pearls that possess a faint blush of pink may suit you best if you are dusky, rather than the pure white pearls. You can also buy a fine Peacock colour as it has a great lustre and shape.

How to choose pearls

You need to be cautious that your pearls are not artificially coloured. So double-check for the colour as ask for reports on the quality of the pearls you are buying.

Choose in Accordance with Your Budget

Each pearl type has its own pricing range. Price of the pearl necklace will go up according to the necklace length. An 18-inch Princess length pearl necklace will cost much higher than a shorter length.

On an average, the price increases exponentially with every millimeter size increase. A rule of thumb is to expect a 30-50% increase in price with each millimeter size increase in the size of the pearls.

Also do factor in the fact that freshwater, white traditional pearls cost much less than the Akoya and Tahitian pearls that come in rainbow hues and are extremely rare.

Traditionals pearls of Mangatrai Neeraj

Keep these factors in mind while buying the pearl jewellery piece of your choice and you are good to go.

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